Introducing Pogoplug Family

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We are super excited to announce Pogoplug Family, the fantastic new way to ensure everyone in your family has unlimited cloud storage and backup for all their devices. It’s pretty simple: the account owner gets the bill and everyone in the family has separate accounts. You can add or remove users at any time, and each user you add gets unlimited storage for $1.95 per month. We know you still might have a few questions, so here are some answers to the most common ones. If you’re ready to get started with Family now, awesome, click here.

1. What happens if I cancel my account?

While invited users can be added and removed at any time, the master account has to stay open and in good standing. If the master account owner cancels his or her account, all of the invited accounts will also be canceled.

2. How do I add or remove users?

When you set up Pogoplug Family for the first time, you will be prompted to add however many users you would like. After you invite users, those users will get an email prompting them to add a password to their account. To add additional users or remove users after the initial set up, you can do so by clicking on “My Account” under “Settings” on

3. How much does Family cost?

Family costs $4.95 per month/$49.95 per year for the master account. Each invited user can be billed monthly or yearly, and each invited user costs $1.95 per month or $19.95 per year. Two charges will appear on your statement: one for the master account and one for all of the family members you invite. Family members cannot be mixed and matched with yearly and monthly charges, so either all of your invited members can be annual or all of them can be monthly, but you cannot have a mix of both. For example, you could not invite two family members to be monthly and one family member to be yearly.

4. If I am the master account owner and I am being billed monthly, can I add family members that are billed yearly?

Yes, however, please keep in mind that as the master account owner your account must remain open and in good standing. If you cancel your master account, all of your invited family member’s accounts will also be canceled.

5. What is the minimum number of family members I can add?

Each Family account must have at least 2 users: 1 master account and one invited account.

6. Can invited users (“family members”) cancel their account?

No. The master account holder must deactivate accounts.

7. When do I start getting billed for invited users?

As soon as you invite someone, their account is active and ready for use and you will be billed immediately.

8. Can I remove an invited user?

Yes. As the master account owner, you can manage your family members in “My Account” on Invited family members cannot add or remove users or cancel his or her own account.

9. I invited someone, but they never added a password. What gives?

You can see the status of each of your family members in My Account. If he or she has not added a password yet, you can re-send the email. Please keep in mind that billing begins from the time that you invite the user, not from the time he or she activates the account.

10. Can family members see what is in my account?

Nope. Everyone has their own account, and there is no way for anyone on Pogoplug Family (even the master account owner) to access another family member’s account unless you share your password with them.

11. Can the owner of the account re-set my password, see how much data I have or do anything else special like that that I need to worry about?

No. The only things that the master account owner can do are: add and remove users, send invitation emails and reminders and pay the bill. A master account owner cannot see which devices are on an invited user’s account, see how much data an invited user is using, re-set an invited user’s password or gain access to an invited user’s account.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact Get Family Now.

iOS Updates

Our latest and greatest iOS app just went live on the App Store with some awesome new features. We added native iPhone 6 and 6 plus support so Pogoplug looks great on every device. Plus, we have improved the way that photos are displayed in the photo gallery: now it works just like it does on your camera roll with all your photos and videos together in one continuous scrollable view. You can still sort by photos and videos at the top for quickly finding the media you’re looking for.




We also added a new side bar that allows you to quickly jump to a specific month or year. To use it, simply swipe left from the right side of the screen on the timeline or videos view. This update includes the usual bug fixes, stability improvements and performance increases, so head on over to the app store now and upgrade today.

New My Account Page

Today we launched a great new feature that makes managing your account a whole lot easier: the My Account page. Now, when you click on ‘Account’ under ‘Settings’ you will see a much cleaner page that makes it easy to keep track of your subscription, update your payment details, add cloud card activation codes and add services to your account. We also added the option to pay using PayPal.

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As always, we love to hear your feedback so if you are having any issues with the new feature (or just want to tell us how pretty we are) please feel free to drop us a line: visit the Help Center to see your options. We have a lot more great features coming soon so, as always, stay tuned!

New Pogoplug PC Features

We have made a lot of progress in the past year and added a whole bunch of awesome new features. Today we are excited to be bringing a lot of the new goodies to Pogoplug PC. This is the latest and greatest version of Pogoplug PC, so be sure to download the new version today. Read on for a (dance?) breakdown of the new features.


Organize your music the way you want. Create a playlist for every occasion: from a pump-up workout playlist to a chill-out collection for your next dinner party, with Pogoplug PC the music on your computer is available everywhere and for every occasion.

Photo Albums

Just like with playlists, you can now organize your photos however you like with our new albums feature. Create and share photo albums with friends and family, and take them everywhere you go.

Multi-file Share

Got a few photos you want to share out quickly but don’t need a whole album? We’ve got you covered. Share one photo or 20 by quickly selecting what you want to share and send them out via your favorite social network, email or by just grabbing the link. Simple.

The Nerdy Stuff Under The Hood

We have added all kinds of tweaks and fixes to make Pogoplug PC the best way to access everything on your home computer from anywhere. Searching is now lightning fast and more accurate, bugs have been zapped and lots more. Just a few more reasons why you should definitely go grab the new version today.

The Moolah

If you haven’t gotten Pogoplug PC already, it’s only $29.99 for a lifetime license. Yep you read that right, unlike our competitors there are no recurring fees for this amazing software, and it’s the perfect compliment to your cloud account or just on its own. Head over to and snag it today for a free 30-day trial, no credit card required. Enjoy!

LL Cool J Uses Pogoplug To Drop New Music

We are stoked when we see people using our cloud to get creative and pursue what they love. We are especially stoked when someone with 4.5 million Twitter followers uses Pogoplug to share what they do! But you don’t have to have millions of fans to pursue what you love, and that’s why Pogoplug Cloud is so awesome. It puts the amazing power of unlimited cloud storage and rich sharing features in everyone’s hands, so whether you’re LL Cool J sharing his latest hit, or the next big star working your way up, Pogoplug Cloud gives you the tools you need to get the job done. Keep on rocking, Cool J.

iOS Updates

Pogoplug - Cloud Engines, Inc.
It’s the most wonderful time of year! No, not the Holidays. I’m talking about a new version of our iOS application of course. We have a bunch of new features giftwrapped and ready for your festive enjoyment (I know it’s July, shhh).

  1. Super-fast Phone Swapping

You can now transfer everything from your old phone to your new one with direct phone-to-phone transfer over WiFi. This means that transfers are up to 10x faster than the old phone swap so you can transfer all your photos, videos and contacts to a new phone in the blink of an eye (ok, it’s a little longer than that. But still really fast). To use phone swap, make sure that both phones have the latest version of Pogoplug installed and are on the same WiFi network, open the Pogoplug app, go to Settings and select either “Transfer From This Phone” or “Transfer To This Phone” depending on which direction you are swapping. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re done!

image (8)

  1. Snapshot backup upgrades

Snapshots are now fully customizable, meaning you can choose what to backup in each snapshot, whether it’s photos only, or everything on your phone. We also added the ability to save more versions of snapshots so your backups are always up to date.

  1. Contacts

Contacts has been removed as a standalone item from the settings menu and integrated into the snapshot feature. This makes it easier to ensure that your contacts are protected and properly organized by combining all backup features into one simple-to-use snapshot.

  1. The Usual Miscellaneous Changes

In addition to the usual squashing of bugs and performance enhancements, we also made photos and videos separate again for easier sorting, added richer sharing options and removed the need for location services while uploading.

This is our best iOS app yet, so head over to the App Store and download it today!
Pogoplug - Cloud Engines, Inc.