Pogoplug Cloud is Shutting Down

On September 28th at 9am, Pogoplug Cloud will be shutting down. Building Pogoplug Cloud has been an incredible journey, and we are so grateful to all of our users who have supported us along the way. We are making this change to refocus our efforts on the core products that make Pogoplug great: our award-winning […]

How To Download Everything From Your Account

As of June 15th, 2015, Pogoplug will no longer support free cloud accounts. We are making this change because our service is best experienced with unlimited storage, allowing you to back up every photo, file, video and document you have. To make this transition as seamless as possible, we are extending our best deal ever to […]

How To Get Rid Of The Dreaded “Phone Full” Notification

  If you’re like me, you use the camera on your phone for just about everything. Since I take photos and videos of my kids constantly, it seems like my phone is always about to run out of space. Tired of these notifications? Yeah, me too. Suddenly, I have to choose which photos to delete! […]

Who owns the zebra?

Last Thursday while eating breakfast at my desk, I took part in the latest viral craze to hit the web and puzzled out Cheryl’s birthday. Logic problems were a bit of an obsession when I was a kid, and Penny Press books littered the car every time my family took long trips. I hadn’t tackled […]

The Truth About Cloud Backup

  Over the past several months I have been traveling all over the country visiting Best Buy stores, one of our major retail partners, and in the process I have found something terribly, deeply shocking. No, not with Best Buy customer service, or their prices, or some kind of amazing ground-breaking scandal that will bring […]