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Pogoplug and CNET Deal–Members Get 20GB Free for Life!

Good news for CNET members: Now you can get 20GB free for life just for showing up (and signing up)!


Now through April 25th, we’re offering all CNET members a 20GB Pogoplug Cloud, free for life.

What can you do with a free 20GB?

  • Protect the photos and videos on your phone or tablet by backing up to Pogoplug automatically and wirelessly
  • Share large files (up to 20GB, in fact) with anyone you want
  • Download our free mobile apps to access all your photos, music and movies on the go

Check out CNET’s coverage of this deal, and sign up with CNET today for your own free 20GB! Remember, this deal goes until April 25th, so tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word.

Feature Favorite: Adding Folders With Pogoplug Drive

You can do a lot with our free Pogoplug Companion software, available on our downloads page for Windows and Mac—like automatically and continuously back up the contents of your computer to your Pogoplug account.

However, Pogoplug Companion is also the fastest, easiest way to add folders to your account. All you have to do is enable Pogoplug Drive, a feature of Companion that lets you manage all the files and folders in your Pogoplug account directly from your desktop.


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