Feature Favorites: Backing Up Your Files With Pogoplug Backup

Pogoplug Backup is the newest and most up-to-date version of Pogoplug’s companion software, which brings backup front and center. Today, we’re going to give you a brief guide to using the new software to back up your important files.

As soon as you sign into Pogoplug Backup, the program will prompt you to start backing up your files. When you click Start, Pogoplug Backup will automatically back up the documents, photos, music and video folders that it detects on your computer.

Pogoplug Backup automatically selects destinations for these folders from among your Pogoplug-enabled drives. To change where you import your files during backup, go to Pogoplug Preferences → Advanced → Default import destination.

You can also select additional folders for backup, as well as changing the destinations of individual folders. Selecting Show location details on the Backup main screen will display the destination Backup has chosen and give you the option to select a new one. Changing an import destination affects new backups only.

To back up your files with Pogoplug, visit our downloads page and try Pogoplug Backup today.