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New iOS Update Available in the App Store!

App Store. Version 4.4.7 includes several vital improvements, including full compatibility with Apple’s new iPhone 5. The Pogoplug app now makes use of the new iPhone’s larger screen for viewing and streaming media from your account.

Our new app also includes enhanced PDF viewing support, quicker indexing and searching of your files, and incorporates iOS 6’s direct Facebook integration. This app also has changes to improve viewing of  several video file formats.

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Introducing Pogoplug Unlimited Cloud, Just $4.95/month

Today, we’re excited to announce Pogoplug’s Unlimited Cloud. Store everything, share anything and access from anywhere—all for just $4.95/month.

You’re constantly on the move, so why shouldn’t your data move with you? Pogoplug Cloud lets you easily upload files from your computer, smartphone or tablet and access them wherever you are. Infinitely extend the storage on the smartphone or tablet you already have.

Pogoplug Cloud allows you to:

  • Access and stream your media on any device
  • Back up the photos and videos on your smartphone and tablet
  • Share and collaborate with friends and coworkers
  • Drag-and-drop web interface for easy upload from any computer

Pogoplug Cloud is free for 5GB of cloud storage. Free yourself from storage limits and upgrade to unlimited storage is just $4.95/month.  Upgrade today!

Refer friends, earn $10 gift cards

For those of you who haven’t heard, last week we announced that you can earn $10 gift cards to your favorite online retailers by spreading the news about our new service plans. It’s easy, just share you personalized link with friends and we’ll give you a $10 gift card for every friend that subscribes to Pogoplug Family, Pogoplug Team and Pogoplug PC. There is no maximum to how many gift cards you can earn, so tell everyone you know and treat yourself to a Pogoplug-funded shopping spree at major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Lowe’s and Target.
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Introducing the Most Secure and Affordable Cloud Backup for Teams and Families


Today, we are proud to announce our new cloud storage services for families and small businesses. The services seamlessly integrate Pogoplug-enabled storage in the home or office with Amazon’s Glacier offsite storage. This combination provides the most affordable and safest multi-user cloud backup, with instant access and sharing from anywhere on the Internet.

With just one click, our new Family and Team subscriptions will enable you to continuously copy all or part of your data to Pogoplug’s secure offsite cloud. Any changes you make to your original folder will be synchronized automatically. Archiving is only available with our new plans for Teams and Families, so upgrade—and never worry about data loss again. Continue reading

New Help Center

Today we are proud to announce the opening of Pogoplug’s Help Center.  The Help Center contains our knowledge base, instructional videos, and customer support, and is the new home for our community forum, formerly hosted on Pogoplugged. The new Pogoplug Help Center is the perfect place to learn more about Pogoplug, get answers to your FAQs, submit a support ticket, or chat with other Pogoplug users.


In the new Pogoplug Help Center you can:

  • Find answers to your most frequently asked questions, tips on troubleshooting and how-to guides in our updated Knowledge Base.
  • Watch video walkthroughs of Pogoplug features in our brand new Videos section.
  • Talk with other Pogoplug users, share tips, tricks and hacks, and chat about Pogoplug (or whatever else) in our new User Forums.
  • Create a support ticket with our dedicated customer service team, who can provide solutions to your problems 24/7, in the Ask Support tab.

If you have any questions about the migration or suggestions how we can improve the Help Center, let us know in the Help Center Discussion forum thread.  We’re confident these changes will improve your Pogoplug experience. Enjoy!



Pogoplug in the Press

It’s Friday, so we’ll keep it short and sweet: Pogoplug’s been in the news, and we think that’s pretty groovy. Check out some of our favorite reviews for Pogoplug Series 4 and the newly launched Pogoplug Team.


“Pogoplug is a solid option for those who’d rather roll their own clouds than use commercially available services.” read article


“Pogoplug Team allows any business to create a private cloud that would be the envy of any big business in just a few minutes.” read article


“Your users dictate the amount of storage space needed with their own computers and drives, rather than utilizing remote servers.” read more


“There is no need to look at other cloud storage services.” read article

What do you think of Team and Series 4? Write in and let us know. Got a cool story about how you use Pogoplug? Tell us! As always, keep checking back for news, contests and more from Pogoplug.