Closer Look: Pogoplug PC

Today I’m going to take you on a walkthrough of Pogoplug PC, which turns your PC or Mac into a Pogoplug.

“Well that’s a very catchy slogan,” you may say, “but how does it work?” In a nutshell, it works by letting you access files stored on your computer the same way you access files on your Pogoplug device.

Let’s get started.



Here is Pogoplug PC, sad and lonely because it is not being asked to stream any folders. Pogoplug PC lets you add any folder on your computer to your Pogoplug account. Today, I chose the contents of my desktop, my Music folder and my Documents folder.



As soon as I add them, I can log into my Pogoplug account in any Web browser and view or share the content of these folders. I can also access these files using Pogoplug’s mobile apps for Android, iPhone or iPad.



In the My Cloud Tab you can view all your Pogoplug-enabled devices and see how much space you’re using in each. Additionally, you can choose to associate your computer with a different Pogoplug account, or upgrade from the trial version of Pogoplug PC.



If you haven’t tried Pogoplug PC, it’s available for free 30-day trial on our downloads page. After that, it’s just $29.95 to purchase. Try it today!

Next up: special streaming cases—using Pogoplug PC with flash drives and external drives like Drobo.