Cloud Engines Unveils Pogoplug Video

Instantly streams personal video library anywhere on the Internet

Today we are proud to announce our newest product Pogoplug Video, a new version of the award winning Pogoplug that allows personal video content to stream instantly to any device on the Internet without requiring end users to convert video to a new format or to upload it to an external website.

Pogoplug Video is built upon next-generation hardware video technologies. The product enables users to stream video directly to iPhone, iPad, Android and other Internet connected devices.  Video can also stream to UPnP Internet-connected TVs or set-top boxes.

“Pogoplug Video is the breakthrough product that many of our end users have requested.” said Daniel Putterman, our co-founder and CEO. “Now you can become your own personal broadcaster and share and stream personal video without uploading it to a website.”

Ensuring compatibility with the latest HD video formats, Pogoplug Video has been optimized to work with Sony’s AVCHD camera products to make high-quality video instantly streamable.  Sony has selected Cloud Engines Inc. as a featured solutions provider, and will showcase Pogoplug Video at the Sony booth at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011.

“Sony is pleased that Pogoplug Video will support our latest AVCHD camera products and will make premium quality AVCHD recorded content accessible to anyone on the go.” said  Masashi Imamura, Corporate Executive, Senior Vice President of Sony Corporation.

Daniel Putterman said “Sony represents high quality video.  Pogoplug Video lets users easily share content without compromising quality.”

Pogoplug Video is $199, will be available for pre-order on March 1, 2011 and will sell at various retail locations, and directly from, on April 1, 2011.

Pogoplug Video Features
•    Share high-quality videos of supported formats immediately.  Users no longer need to wait for complicated conversions and lengthy uploads to view and share personal content on mobile or networked devices.
•    Watch videos and pictures in full HD.  Pogoplug Video automatically streams at the highest quality possible.
•    View multimedia on all devices. Pogoplug Video uses multiple streaming protocols to support the most popular mobile and Internet enabled devices.  For local viewing, Pogoplug Video supports UPnP so users are able to play content on any UPnP set top box or video game console.
•    Stream media from many of the most popular camcorders, video cameras and mobile phones.