Improved file sharing on

Hi Pogoplug Users,

Sharing your files and folders with Pogoplug will be easier than ever with our next update on Wednesday, May 9th. In response to your feedback, we’ve improved sharing functionality and created new user permissions. Starting next week, you will be able to control how you share with Pogoplug right from the share dialog.

I’d like to introduce you to four new features that enhance the sharing experience.

  1. Allow Uploads: If you are sharing a folder, you will have the option to allow the people you share with to upload files. Now collaborating with friends and colleagues is easier than ever.
  2. Prevent Downloads: Now you can prevent the files you share from being downloaded. The people you share with will be able to view previews but won’t be able to download.
  3. Hide Social Sharing Icons: Pogoplug links allow for those who view them to easily share to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Now you can disable this option for more private sharing.
  4. Assign a Password: This option is available to Pogoplug Team accounts. To learn more about Pogoplug Team, check out our Knowledge Base.

More cool stuff is coming your way next week so watch for an email from our CEO, Daniel. We always like to hear feedback so give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter or email us at

Jed Putterman
Chief Product Officer