Oh Canada!

Pogoplug has made it’s way to Canada on the TigerDirect.ca retailer website. We’re pleased to be launching in Canada with the same great retail partner that we first launched Pogoplug with in the U.S. in late 2009.

The partnership with TigerDirect has allowed Pogoplug to reach an audience of consumers who are hungry for cool new products at a great value and that is exactly what TigerDirect is known for.

To purchase a Pogoplug in Canada, click here or simply go to their site and search for Pogoplug.

4 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. Reco

    Congratulations on the partnership with TigerDirect. I have been a TigerDirect junky for years. 6 more months and I will be done with my therapy. :-)

  2. Polar67x

    I picked mine up at TigerDirect.ca – Hot Pink aside it’s a great little device.

    I hooked up my pogoplug with an IOMega 1Tb drive (also from TD for $90) and it was, truly up and running in 60-seconds).

    Well done!

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