Feature Favorite: Adding Folders With Pogoplug Drive

You can do a lot with our free Pogoplug Companion software, available on our downloads page for Windows and Mac—like automatically and continuously back up the contents of your computer to your Pogoplug account.

However, Pogoplug Companion is also the fastest, easiest way to add folders to your account. All you have to do is enable Pogoplug Drive, a feature of Companion that lets you manage all the files and folders in your Pogoplug account directly from your desktop.


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Release Notes: Pogoplug App for Android


Now available on Google Play, Pogoplug’s latest update to our Android
app brings you a brand-new theme (and action bar), multi-select delete, a slew of new supported languages and more.

Android_Movies Android_MusicArtist
Android_PhotoMonth Android_PhotoPicture

Download today from Google Play or from our website, and find a full list of features after the break. And if you like the new Pogoplug for Android, sing out on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

What’s in this version:

5.0.26 (supports Android 4+):
– Multi-select delete
– Holo Light theme with blue split action bar
– Overflow button
– Push notifications
– Rename files and folders
– Capture and upload photo/video
– New languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, French, French (Canadian), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish (International), Spanish (Latin America), Turkish
– Bug fixes
– Video overlay
– Link overlay
– Image viewer shows videos
– Supports HLS
– Hide/show action bar in image viewer
– Show progress when downloading a file upon click

Life Behind the Lens With Pogoplug

It’s Thursday, and here at Pogoplug we couldn’t be happier. Why, you ask? Because we’re about to launch into the second part of our intermittent but much-loved photography series.


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We love seeing the world through a photographer’s lens—especially when Pogoplug’s along for the ride. Today, New York photographer Jonathan discusses his experience using Pogoplug and shares some valuable tips for communicating speedily with clients. Continue reading