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At Pogoplug, we are always thinking up new ways to make our stuff work better. We just added a bunch of great new features to our mobile app: easy file deletion, a rebuilt music player, faster photos, revamped settings and a product tour to make sure you know how to use all the new goodies. We are super excited, and you should be too! Check out the details below.

Doing the same thing over and over is irritating. Filling out online forms, logging into your bank account online, stop-and-go traffic…life is full of small repetitive annoyances. You’re busy. We are too. That’s why in our latest release of the Pogoplug mobile app we make it super easy to delete lots of files all at once. Just select what you want to get rid of and hit delete. No more repetition.

easy delete for wp

Cloud storage is awesome. But what’s even better? Unlimited cloud storage of course! Huge movie collection? Thousands of songs? No problem. Back it all up into the cloud and access it anywhere. At Pogoplug, we want everyone to have this amazing power, so we are excited to announce that now you can upgrade to unlimited storage for just $4.95 per month. We are pretty darn sure you’ll love it, but if you don’t, no worries. There’s no year-long contract, no commitment and no hassle! Just sweet, sweet unlimited gigabytes.

4.95 per month for wp

Fast is the new black. Or so we hear. Which is why we’ve made photos in our new version load lightning fast. Want to show your friends the mind-blowing hike you went on last weekend? Your photos are right there, loaded up and ready to go before they can say “jealous.”

We’ve also added the ability to see how much data you are using on Pogoplug right from your home screen. Running out of space? Just click upgrade and you’re on your way to data nirvana in minutes.

storage meter for wp

And to make sure you know where to find all these great new features, the first time you fire up our new app you’ll get a quick tour just to be sure you don’t get lost on your first day. Don’t worry, it’ll only take a minute.

product tour for wp

If you are ready to explore all the new features, download the latest version of Pogoplug for iOS now and be sure to visit to upload all your stuff!

Pogoplug - Cloud Engines, Inc.



Introducing Pogoplug Cloud Sync

We are happy to announce that our new Pogoplug Cloud Sync service has just been released.  Pogoplug Cloud Sync combines our award-winning devices with our industry-leading unlimited cloud storage.

  • Unlimited storage in 2 secure locations (your home and our cloud)
  • Upload up to 150 times faster
  • 100% private sharing
  • Sync your device to your cloud automatically
  • Includes a free Pogoplug Cloud Sync device, $49.95 value!

Learn more about Cloud Sync here:

For users with Pogoplug Unlimited Cloud + a Pogoplug device

cloudsync_graphic_2_300Great news!  You can now sync your Pogoplug device to your cloud.  Simply look for the “Cloud Sync: Turn On” button at the top of your account and select “Turn Cloud Sync On” option.  Then content stored on your Pogoplug device will automatically sync with your Pogoplug Cloud.

Pogoplug automatically creates a folder in the root of your cloud that is named after your hard drive.  The folder structure on your hard drive will remain in tact, so your data will remain organized.  If you ever want to see the progress of your sync, click on “Settings” and then “Mirroring.”

For users with Pogoplug Unlimited Cloud and no device

Buy a Pogoplug device online or from major retailers (Walmart, Best Buy, Radioshack, etc.).  Then follow the instructions above to turn on Pogoplug Cloud Sync.

For users with a Pogoplug device and without Pogoplug Unlimited Cloud

There has never been a better time to upgrade to Pogoplug Cloud.  For a limited time, our yearly subscription comes with a free Pogoplug Cloud Sync device. That’s a $110 value for only $49.95!  You can then use your second Pogoplug in another location or give it to a friend. Get Pogoplug Unlimited Cloud and a free device through our special promo page:  Then follow the instructions above to turn on Pogoplug Cloud Sync.



Release Notes: Pogoplug App for Android

With our latest update to Android, contacts backup is available on Google Play for our Android users! This feature allows you to automatically back up all the contacts in your phone to your Pogoplug account.

We recently introduced contacts backup to the cloud for our free iOS apps. With this update, we now offer easy phone migration in both iOS and Android: You can automatically and wirelessly back up your photos, videos, and important contacts to the cloud, making it simple to transition between mobile devices while keeping all your data. No more “Lost my phone, need your number!!” Facebook groups for you.

Check out more details about contacts backup for Android (and screenshots) under the cut. Continue reading

Release Notes: Folder Drag-and-Drop Coming to Chrome

One of our most requested features is now available in a Chrome browser near you: adding folders to your Pogoplug account with drag-and-drop!


Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.26 PM


That’s right–we’ve updated to allow you to drag and drop entire folders to your cloud. The drag-and-drop folder upload feature is currently only available in Chrome. (Download Chrome for free if you don’t already use it.) You can also continue to upload folders via automatic backup using our free Pogoplug Companion software. That’s not the only update coming to our Web UI: We’ve also optimized the photo-viewing experience so photos display much faster, and there are lots of other bells and whistles under the hood.

As part of this release, we’re also updating Pogoplug Companion. Some of our users have requested a faster way to upload folders from the desktop, so Companion is now speedier than ever. For Cloud users, Companion will be replacing Pogoplug Drive as the primary way to quickly and reliably add folders to your Pogoplug account.

Once you have selected a folder for backup in Pogoplug Companion, the software will continuously monitor the folder for any new files or changes to existing files. These will be automatically backed up to your Pogoplug Cloud. At any point you can hit the “Stop” button and the folder will no longer be actively backed up.

If you haven’t already, be sure to download Pogoplug Companion and try it out now! And check out our full list of Web UI changes under the cut. Continue reading

Get A Free Lifetime Pogoplug PC License With Canvio Connect

What’s better than a brand-new Toshiba hard drive? How about a brand-new Toshiba hard drive you can access from anywhere in the world?

Now you can get the remote access capability of Pogoplug PC software with Toshiba’s new Canvio® Connect portable drive: As part of our partnership with Toshiba, we’re offering all Canvio Connect users a lifetime license to Pogoplug PC ($29.95 value) and 10GB cloud—both free for life.

The Canvio Connect ranges in storage capacity from 500GB to 2TB and comes with a free Pogoplug PC software license. Available through Toshiba in 16 languages, Pogoplug PC recognizes the Canvio Connect when it’s plugged in and makes it easy for users to enable the contents of their computers for instant remote access. You can access your computer or HDD attached to a computer from any mobile device or Web browser—and Pogoplug’s free 10GB cloud lets you make always-available offsite copies of your most important files.

So far, reviewers are loving the Canvio Connect for its compact design and remote access capabilities:

cnet_logo-300x300-150x150 CNET “The new USB 3.0 portable drive comes with 10GB of free online storage space. When you plug it to a computer, you can access its contents, as well as the content stored on another computer, be it a Windows or a Mac, via the Internet.This is because the Canvio Connect comes with a lifetime subscription to the Pogoplug PC cloud engine.” read article
engadget_logo_1.343101310_std Engadget “While we’re used to connected hard drives that share their contents with phones and tablets, the reverse isn’t common — why don’t many of these drives safeguard our mobile content from the start? Toshiba is as baffled as we are, so it’s launching its Canvio Connect portable drive with handheld access in mind.” read article
StorageReviewLogo190x60 Storage Review “The Pogoplug app also yields remote access to a computer, assuming the computer is operating. In order to get this function up and running, users just need to run the client on their computer and make sure its set to on. […] This makes sharing huge files super easy as opposed to trying to download hundreds of megabytes or even several gigabytes of files.” read article


The Canvio Connect from Toshiba will be available in mid-May. In the meantime, you can try Pogoplug PC for yourself for just $29.95—and keep checking back here for the latest news, product updates and more from Pogoplug.