User Story: Picture Perfect With Pogoplug

Ryan Montgomery is a professional photographer who uses Pogoplug to create high-tech portfolios that his clients can access wherever they are.

“My Pogoplug allows me to have access to hundreds of thousands of photographs anywhere in the world,” Ryan told us. “I can even allow my clients to download their wedding photographs while they are still on their honeymoon.”

red and white (ryan m wedding)

Ryan’s clients automatically see shared files as a slideshow

Feature Focus: Pogoplug Timeline

The good news: You’ve stored all your important vacation photos, home videos and more in your Pogoplug account.

The bad news: You’ve stored so many important files that you’ve forgotten where some of them are.

More good news: Pogoplug’s automatic smart media organization makes it easy to track down your files by date and type.


photos tab 1

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Feature Favorites: Arts and Crafts in the Cloud

We’re constantly impressed by how many ways our customers use Pogoplug—so this week, we asked people in our San Francisco office what they use Pogoplug for.

First up is our CEO Dan Putterman’s new favorite use, and one we think parents everywhere can really get behind: taking photos of his daughters’ artwork and uploading them online to share with the family.


kid artwork slideshow

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