Pogoplug Puts Printers Online, Enables Printing From Any Mobile Device

The team has been busy.  Here’s the release that we put out this morning about our upcoming cloud print features – we’re really excited about this!:

Pogoplug, the popular multimedia sharing device, today announced a major upgrade with the launch of Pogoplug “web printing.” Now, for the first time, users can print from an iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device from anywhere in the world.

“Pogoplug’s vision is to free the modern digital lifestyle from dependence on an always-on home or office computer,” said Daniel Putterman, CEO and co-founder of Cloud Engines, Inc.  “First we changed the way people think about personal storage by making every hard drive accessible over the Internet. Now we’re web-enabling printers.”

Pogoplug cloud printing will initially support all HP printer models and all Epson printers released since 2005.  Set-up is simple and straightforward; once a printer is connected to a Pogoplug, it is ready to use.

Additionally, users can email any document directly to their Pogoplug for printing.  Printers can be shared with friends, family and colleagues or used to create printer ‘hotspots’ for temporary access to a printer in a public location.

The new Pogoplug “cloud printing” feature is coming automatically to existing and future Pogoplug customers later this Summer. There are no fees for the new feature.

2 thoughts on “Pogoplug Puts Printers Online, Enables Printing From Any Mobile Device

  1. john

    I just got mine yesterday, this is excellent news for an i-pad user. cant wait.

    Love what you guys are doing. Love the product. PogoPlug is the bomb.

    Thanks for Everything and Stay Well

  2. Craig Knouf

    Definitely like the idea of being able to print from many of the current mobile devices. Especially interesting to my wife who saw the lack of printing a major deficiency for her IPad. I hope you quickly support additional printers to the Epsons and HPs. We do have one Epson in our home but our main Laser printer is a Konica-Minolta and a Canon we use for photo printing.

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