Reviewers Love Pogoplug Series 4

Following our release of Pogoplug Series 4 on Wednesday, reviewers have been talking. Check out what they have to say about the latest generation of Pogoplug hardware:

CNET: “I’ve reviewed multiple Pogoplugs before, but none of them came close to what this new version offers … the seamlessly sharable method of plug-and-playing hard drives and now SD cards makes the Pogoplug a true home cloud device, and an extremely affordable and portable gadget.”

Macworld: “To set itself apart from the growing list of cloud-based storage options (iCloud and Dropbox to name a few), Pogoplug offers mobile services, hardware, and software for cloud storage—and the three are integrated seamlessly together.”

Engadget: “Pogoplug has already moved to the cloud. Now, it’s coming backdown to Earth.”

AnandTech: “Personal cloud devices remove the fees and storage barriers, andleave users with the task of optimization and network upkeep. If you’re up to the task and interested in expandable cloud storage, this may be one of the best options around.”

Reviewers are loving it and so will you! Get your own Series 4 today for just $99.95.